Hypnotherapy Pre-Talk

Before the initial session of Hypnotherapy I conduct a general pre talk with you to explain what hypnosis is and how it works. You may ask any questions afterwards. This will give you a clear understanding of how your mind works and how it repaints to change using... read more

Panic Attacks

A recent interesting case involved a professional driver who had literally got out of his vehicle a year ago, leaving it at the side of the road after suffering a severe panic attack. His symptoms were so bad he thought he was having a heart attack with severe chest... read more

Anxiety Case Study

Anxiety Case Study Anxiety Case Study: A young mother of three small children came to me recently to do something about her stress and anxieties, which were getting in the way of normal family life. She was finding it very difficult to control her anger at times and... read more

Mindful Moments

Mindfulness: being present in the moment. No thoughts of the past or the future. Only present thoughts and being non-judgemental. Begin to watch your thoughts without judgement. Exercise to develop Mindfulness: Each day try to become aware of the present moment. The... read more



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Hypnotherapy can help with a myriad of symptoms and both physical and mental issues.
To ensure your treatment is tailored to you, we always speak to our clients before we commence sessions.
Please contact Orla by email or telephone.