Digital Downloads 

Now you can relax and enjoy hypnosis in your own home.

Orla has prepared a selection of useful and relaxing hypnosis audio downloads for you to purchase.

Once you have purchased your download, you may download the file to your PC, laptop or phone to listen to as many times as you like.  The digital download will also be emailed to you together with your receipt of payment.

Take Back Control of Alcohol

31 minutes

LIke many people during and before lockdown, alcohol has been a constant habit for some.

This hypnosis audio can assist you to take back control of alcohol in your life.


Declutter Your Mind Meditation

Declutter Your Mind

14 minutes

This audio helps to relax you and rest your busy mind.

You can listen to this daily or before sleep.



Remember to Love yourself

Remembering to Love Yourself

13 minutes

This guided meditation brings you to deep levels of relaxation and allows you to reconnect with yourself and to love and accept who you are.  Listen to this daily or before sleep. Always listen when it is safe to do so and never while driving.


Meet Your Inner Child Meditation

Meet Your Inner Child

27 minutes

Deep relaxation and clearing self-meditation.

You can listen to this audio before sleep.


Letting Go - Self Hypnosis

26 minutes

This self hypnosis audio brings you to deep levels of relaxation and guides you towards letting go of anything your no long need. It can help heal issues from the past, anger, fear, self doubt and much more. Listen to this daily or when needed. This can be listened to before sleep and brings you to a deep state of relaxing.


Remember to Love yourself

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

34 minutes

This self hypnosis audio will help you to stop grinding your teeth.

It will also bring deep relaxation into other parts of your body.



Hypnotherapy can help with a myriad of symptoms and both physical and mental issues.
To ensure your treatment is tailored to you, I always speak to my clients before we commence sessions.