The Hypnotic Weight Loss Program

The Hypnotic Weight Loss Program

The Hypnotic Weight Loss Program

Your “Weight” Is Over

  • Are you fed up with diets that don’t work?
  • Do you want to wear your clothes comfortably?
  • Are you ready to commit and finally shift your mindset and your weight? 
  • Do you imagine being the perfect size, shape and weight you want to be?

Then the Hypnotic Weight Loss Program is right for you!

I am excited to tell you that this brand new hypnotic weight loss program will be launched soon and will include a comprehensive guide to healthy eating, changing habits and improving motivation and outlook around creating a balanced lifestyle. 

There will be a choice of an online program or a one to one program. Throughout the program there are hacks and tips for changing habits to create a new healthy lifestyle, balance and motivation. Each week has a specifically designed hypnosis/meditation to help enable you to change your mind set for ever. All you have to do is want for this to happen and commit to finishing the program by following the steps.

This hypnotic weightloss program can be repeated as many times as you wish so you only need to purchase it once. 

Stay in touch for the launch which should be in the coming weeks…..just in time for summer!!

So you want to lose weight?

So you want to lose weight?

Most of know that familiar feeling of weight creeping up on us and before we know it our mid rift is simply beginning to hang over our belt not to mention the less visible belly button. There are so many reasons and excuses and unfortunately our subconscious mind is really clever at brushing it under the carpet. Hormones changes leading to a slowing metabolism, not enough time because the kids are on the go all the time, lack of energy, eating on the go, snacking between meals….the reasons are endless. But what id=f a few simple changes to your lifestyle with little effort helped to change your thought process and prepare yourself for a healthier life and body with little effort? Interested?….read pn please.

Start with the intention of following through and not giving in from the beginning. The week before you want to start implementing change begin with a few simple mind exercises

  1. On waking each day feel grateful for everything you have in your life so far. Gratitude for the warm home, job, family etc whatever is important to you. Focus on this a few time for a few minutes each day. Before going to sleep feel grateful for your day and the fact that you want to implement change.
  2. Continue to eat as you usually do but take a mental note of what you have eaten. Drink plenty of water. Warmed water with fruit infused can be more exciting to drink.
  3. Spend a few minutes each day imagining what your end result will look like. Even look at some past photos when you felt healthier and weighted less.
  4. Buy one medium sized BLUE plate and if possible a BLUE glass.

And now for the following week……the work begins

  1. Continue to focus on the exercises from the week before especially increasing water intake.
  2. Plan the meals/menu for the week so you don’t over shop.
  3. Use fresh and unprocessed food as much as possible. Less carbs and more protein. Eliminate  bread, toast and wraps. Starting the day with  2 eggs scrambled or poached is great and filling especially when tomatoes, spinach and a small amount of feta is yum. This is filling and there is a chance of less snacking.
  4. Have a homemade veg soup mid morning if you feel hungry. Lunches are easy, such as chicken fillet salad or salmon salad.
  5. Dinner is sensible by have veg instead of pasta or potatoes with meat (not processed) steak, mince, chicken etc.
  6. Serve all your meals on a BLUE place and use a BLUE glass. Blue is a calming colour but there is also scientific proof that blue suppresses the appetite. There is very little blue in the natural world and food. Yes blueberries are blue but theres not a lot of other blue natural foods.
  7. Using a medium size plate or a smaller plate than normal also sends a signal to the brain that the plate is full.
  8. Slow down eating and chewing. this gives the brain time to acknowledge you have eaten and are feel full.
  9. In between meals it is ok to have hunger pains and to get used to them. It’s simply the boys way of telling us that its time to prepare a meal. In the meantime the body is busy digesting what it can from the previous meal and preparing for the next. Burning up extra calories.
  10. Sit down for every meal. No more eating on the go.

Start with these simple changes and remember that if you are over eating or eating the wrong food your mind has become conditioned to this so changing the thought process around can take time. Get out into the fresh air more and walk a little each day. This gives clarity of mind and helps release happy endorphins. Increasing daily exercise is always going to be beneficial.

It is always great to have help and support with changing any of the minds subconscious habits especially around food and exercise.

Hypnotherapy has been hugely successful for many making the journey less effort and a more pleasurable experience.

Call Orla 086-1040407 to book a consultation if you feel you need a boost and some support to take control back and become healthier.

Let Go Of The Past

Let Go Of The Past

Let Go Of The Past

We all need to let go of our heavy burdens that weigh us down. Just imagine the weight we would feel if we did not or could not let things go. All of us have let issues go from our past and we take the learning from it and hopefully we build on our experiences. However, sometimes there are experiences that we just can not seem to let go of.

Sometimes what we try to let go of isn’t really the underlying issue at all. This effects us in my different ways. Insomnia, depression, anxiety, anger and alternating mood are just a few of the effects.

There are so many way to help this and free yourself from the past.

Call Orla 086-1040407 or Robert 087-2523397 for a free phone consultation.