A recent interesting case involved a professional driver who had literally got out of his vehicle a year ago, leaving it at the side of the road after suffering a severe panic attack.

His symptoms were so bad he thought he was having a heart attack with severe chest pains, sweating and shaking.

The gentleman had been having monthly medicals with his company and had visited psychologists but had still not been able to return to work.

Hypnotherapy had been suggested to him by a friend, almost as a last resort and by this stage he was completely open to the idea, as he had exhausted all other avenues.

The client attended for 2 sessions in total so far, and after the 2nd session was due his monthly medical the following Thursday, but was adamant at the start of the session that it would be a long time before he was back driving.

2 ½ hours later after a tough regression session the client actually said he felt like going back to work as soon as possible and 4 days after his medical, through the power of his own will and ability to change, he was back driving.

One month later, he is still driving on a daily basis although there is still a small amount of anxiety, which we will deal with on subsequent visits.